Top tips for moving with pets

Think moving into a new home is stressful on you? Imagine what your pet is going through.

Not only is your furry friend being taken from a comfortable environment and away from their other neighborhood pet pals, they feed off their owner’s mood.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you make all the necessary plans and get all the applicable information related to where your pet will be living.

Pet Laws
It’s important to become familiar with the leash laws and pet ordinances in your new area. In most cases, you can contact your state’s Department of Agriculture or State Veterinarian’s office.

Veterinarian Choices
Carefully examine your vet choices before you go. Also, talk to your current vet about possible medications for a pet who doesn’t like to travel. Depending on where you move, additional vaccines may also be required.

Animal Routine
As you make decisions regarding your pet during the move, consider your pet’s mood. Their routine is about to be changed, so pack ahead of time to accommodate that new routine. A couple new toys or treats will help your pet forget the stress of the move.

Since the pet won’t travel in the moving truck, consider travel arrangements, whether they are by car or air. However your pet is traveling, make sure they are properly secured and comfortable. If going by air, check your airline’s pet policy.

From new animal identification tags to plans for restraining your animal during the big move, there’s plenty to consider. Fortunately, with proper planning and well-thought out pet care on the move, your precious companion will get through the move with as little stress as possible.